Brisbane Market Report 213
Brisbane Produce Report – 15 May   May 15, 2020   strump Ideal growing conditions in Queensland mean the winter produce season is well underway and that is reflected in the quality at the Brisbane Produce Market this week. Citrus fruits are leading the way with excellent supplies of imperial mandarins from Gayndah, lemons from Mundubbera, limes from Bundaberg and locally-grown juicy new season navel oranges. Winter is the best time for baking with citrus and given the wide variety of citrus available in your local fruit shop, why not try baking a war..
Brisbane Market Report 212
Brisbane Produce Report – 8 May   May 7, 2020   strump Pamper your mum this Mother’s Day with home cooked delicious treats made from fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables available at the Brisbane Produce Market this week. For mums with a sweet tooth try baking a slightly crunchy sweet apple tart as apples are at their peak with plenty of varieties readily available. For a delicious savoury breakfast in bed, try a traditional potato rosti made from washed potatoes and served with fresh rocket, shavings of smoked ham, cooked eggs, chives and a..
Brisbane Market Report 211
Brisbane Produce Report – 1 May   April 30, 2020   strump Bumper crops of locally grown fresh produce are arriving by the truckload the Brisbane Produce Market this week. All apple varieties are excellent eating now, but the pink lady variety are the pick of the bunch. New-season pears including packham, josephine and corella are well and truly in season. For a modern morning tea, why not try our ginger and pear cake. This cake is best served when still slightly warm and lightly dusted with some icing sugar. In citrus, there are plentiful supplies..
Brisbane Market Report 210
Brisbane Produce Report – 24 April   April 24, 2020   lleeson The cooler autumn weather and change of growing season means there is more Queensland grown produce in the Brisbane Produce Market this week. The star performer is the citrus family with lemon, limes, imperial mandarins all in good supply along with Queensland grown Navel oranges. Looking for an energy boost? Blend bananas which are in good supply with peanut butter, coconut milk, honey and cocoa powder for a no-guilt chocolate milkshake. New season Hass avocados are slowly replacin..
Brisbane Market Report 209
Brisbane Produce Report – 17 April   April 17, 2020   strump Cooler days in Queensland are providing favourable growing conditions for many fruits and vegetables at the Brisbane Produce Market this week. A wide range of new season crunchy and juicy apples are available for your snacking needs. There are excellent supplies of shepard avocadoes with the hass variety from Queensland is just starting to appear. Other best buys this week include pears, ladyfinger bananas from northern NSW, red crimson grapes, plums and dragonfruit. While strawberries a..
Brisbane Market Report 208
Brisbane Produce Report – 9 April   April 8, 2020   lleeson This week’s pick – Shepard avocados from North Queensland. The Easter Bunny will be pleased as there are plenty of carrots, other fruit and vegetables available and in good supply in the lead up to Easter at the Brisbane Produce Market. Apple varieties including new season Red Delicious, Granny Smith and Royal Gala are calling out for your attention – all are excellent eating and in good supply. In the citrus family, there is a great supply of versatile lemons and limes ..
Brisbane Market Report 207
Brisbane Produce Report – 3 April   April 3, 2020   strump As autumn is in full swing the cooler days are bringing different seasonal varieties of fruit and vegetables to the Brisbane Produce Market. Juicy royal gala and granny smith apples are in season and in great supply. It’s the perfect time to bake a homemade apple pie. Avocados are also in plentiful supply and reasonably priced! It’s the perfect time for avocados. The smooth creamy texture of the flesh makes for a wonderfully rich avocado chocolate mousse. In fruits, there are g..
Brisbane Market Report 206
Brisbane Produce Report – 27 March   March 27, 2020   strump Deliveries of fresh produce are coming across the border from other states with no disruption and making their way to the Brisbane Produce Market. Produce is plentiful and buyers will be spoilt for choice. It’s the beginning of the season for delicious mandarins and pomegranates so we expect the supplies to increase. You could choose both and make a sweet salad using Israeli couscous and coriander for something exotic. The quality of locally grown fruit overall is excellent.  ..
Brisbane Market Report 205
Brisbane Markets® Produce Report — 20 March 2020   March 20, 2020   lleeson Eating healthy fruit and vegetables has never been more important and the Brisbane Produce Market is THE place for everything fresh and healthy. We are fortunate that we can rely on Australian grown fruit and vegetables and this week we have steady supplies coming into the market. Consumers can be confident that favourable conditions including good rain and milder temperatures means the supply of fresh produce from Queensland growers is expected to increase over the coming..
Brisbane Market Report 204
Brisbane Produce Report – 13 March   March 13, 2020   strump It’s a fantastic week for citrus at the Brisbane Produce Market. The market this week features plentiful supplies of lemons, limes and navel oranges. Mareeba limes are in season and perfect for making a lime cheesecake. Shepard avocados are coming from North Queensland with some hass coming from Western Australia. Remember you can store your uneaten avocado in an air-tight container in the fridge after you have sprinkled it with lemon or lime juice. Watermelons are eating well &nda..
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