Brisbane Market Report 233
Brisbane Produce Report – 16 October   October 16, 2020  strump The weather is warming up and we are excited to be outdoors enjoying picnics, barbecues and the yummy produce coming into season. Now is a great time to try out some new recipes with fresh fruit and vegetables arriving at the Brisbane Produce Market this week. Take your plate from dull to gourmet with the prettiest edible flowers. Garnish cocktails and cakes with squash blossom, pansy, lavender or rose petals available in punnets at your local fruit shop. Your best bet for smoothies this w..
Brisbane Market Report 232
Brisbane Produce Report – 9 October   October 9, 2020  lleeson Rockmelon is the pick of the week. Berries, stone fruit, melons, mangoes, and pineapples are all bringing colour, value and flavour to the Brisbane Produce Market this week. Luscious strawberries are arriving from Victoria and New South Wales in great quantities so grab those punnets available at your local fruit shop while prices are down. Local blueberries and raspberries are also at their peak season, they are delicious fresh, but are also fantastic when cooked. Use them to make cakes, p..
Brisbane Market Report 231
Brisbane Produce Report – 2 October   October 2, 2020  lleeson Green beans are the pick of the week! Warmer days, cooler nights and the arrival of stone fruit and mangoes at the Brisbane Produce Market this week are sure signs that summer is on its way. Plump blueberries from New South Wales and thin-skinned sweet lady finger bananas are must-buys for smoothies this week as they are eating beautifully. It is raining strawberries from Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia, with this mixed supply meaning more strawberries are available and will repr..
Brisbane Market Report 230
Brisbane Produce Report – 25 September   September 25, 2020  strump Spring is in the air and we cannot be more excited for all the delicious fresh seasonal produce that is arriving at the Brisbane Produce Market this week. There are increased supplies of blueberries from New South Wales while strawberry supplies are shifting from Queensland to other states. Raspberries and pears are short whereas new small-sized Hass avocadoes are coming in from Blackbutt. The Queensland season for oranges, lemons, and mandarins has finished, but produce for the southe..
Brisbane Market Report 229
Brisbane Produce Report – 18 September   September 17, 2020  strump North Queensland has entered its peak production period and is delivering a bumper season of fresh fruit and vegetables at the Brisbane Produce Market this week. In fruit, we are well supplied with excellent quality pineapple, watermelon, cavendish and ladyfinger bananas. Local strawberries continue to be a star performer so make the most of this luscious superfood by adding them to salads, desserts or simply preserve them to make jams or sauces. Supplies of blueberries from New South Wal..
Brisbane Market Report 228
Brisbane Produce Report – 4 September   September 4, 2020  strump Spring has sprung and there is no shortage of great value fruit and vegies at the Brisbane Produce Market this week. Make this Father’s Day special – for Dads with a sweet tooth, the easy-to-make chocolate-dipped strawberries are a must.  Queensland grown strawberries are luscious and sweet with steady supply.  For a backyard barbecue lunch, why not try mango, lime and chilli marinated prawn skewers as the rich juicy fleshed kensington pride mangoes and limes for New S..
Brisbane Market Report 227
Brisbane Produce Report – 28 August   August 28, 2020  strump A chilly end to August means soups, stews, casseroles, and warm puddings. We are happy to report stable supplies of fresh fruit and vegetables at the Brisbane Produce Market this week so you can fulfil your appetite of comfort food at home. Both red and green apples are fantastic eating at the moment along with Aussie favourite fruit – creamy bananas. If you end up with overripe bananas then use them to bake muffins or banana bread as they are sweeter, easier to mash and more aromatic..
Brisbane Market Report 226
Brisbane Produce Report – 21 August   August 20, 2020  strump North Queensland is producing many of our stand-out fruit and veggies this week as locally-grown Queensland produce at the Brisbane Produce Markets is plentiful. Your best buys in vegetables are beautiful eggplant and zucchini from Bundaberg – both are well supplied and in excellent quality. Nutritious broccoli from Lowood, lettuce from Gatton, corn from Bowen and Brussels sprouts from Victoria are fantastic buys too. When choosing Brussels sprouts look for sprouts that are small and comp..
Brisbane Market Report 225
Brisbane Produce Report – 14 August   August 13, 2020  strump This week at the Brisbane Produce Market, Queensland produce is reigning supreme with many stand-out items coming in from Far North Queensland, Bundaberg and Bowen. Super sweet Queensland-grown strawberries remain a fantastic buy along with blueberries from New South Wales, however, raspberry supplies are limited.  While fresh berries are delicious on their own, there are so many ways to transform them into delightful desserts such cakes, muffins, galettes, clafoutis, shortbreads, tarts or..
Brisbane Market Report 224
Brisbane Produce Report – 7 August   August 7, 2020  strump We are spoilt for choice with so much mouth-watering produce available in the Brisbane Produce Market this week. Now is a great time to be cooking at home and trying out some new recipes with fresh fruit and vegetables. Beautiful berries are making their way to winter – make the most of fresh local strawberries and blueberries while they are plentiful. Use these tiny nutrient bombs to make a delectable dessert or pop them in your kid’s lunchbox. Bananas and panama passionfruit are ..
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