Brisbane Market Report 119
With the cooler weather comes our appetite for comfort food, so we’re savouring many of our childhood favourites at the Brisbane Produce Market this week. Apples and pears are in-season and calling out for a crumble topping: Fuji and Pink Lady varieties are the best buys, along with Packham and Josephine pears. Don’t be put off by the Packham if it’s not changing colour, as it remains green even when it’s ripe. Many Queenslanders grew up with a custard apple tree in their backyard, and this unusual fruit (which is actually nothing like an apple) is plentiful a..
Brisbane Market Report 118
We may not have managed to conquer the Blues in Origin on Wednesday night, but Queensland produce is definitely taking over the Brisbane Produce Market this week. Local strawberries are the recent break-out star and offer unbeatable value. Hass avocados are also abundant, and we have a good supply of Queensland-grown oranges, lemons, pineapple, rockmelon, and watermelon. It’s currently peak time for Packham, Corella and Nashi pears, so we’re dreaming about warming desserts like poached pears or tarte tatin. For a fruity snack, we can’t go past the New Zealand-..
Brisbane Market Report 117
We’re overwhelmed with local produce this week, as the Gatton and Lockyer regions enter their peak season and Queensland overall becomes the major supplier of fruits and vegetables. In fruits, Gala and Pink Lady are the pick of the apples, while rockmelons continue to be great buying both in terms of price and quality. Local lemons and all varieties of pears are in good supply, and there’s a huge volume of Hass avocados arriving from Bundaberg. One of our early winter highlights is the emergence of Sunshine Coast strawberries — you’ll notice plenty of them arr..
Brisbane Market Report 116
Once again, ideal growing conditions in south-east Queensland mean local produce is flooding into the Brisbane Produce Market this week. With the weather cooling, we can’t think of anything better than fruit pies, tarts, and crumbles. Thankfully, apples are at their peak and all varieties are readily available. Corella and Packham pears are also in great supply, but for something different try the medium-sized Josephine variety which is known for its rich flavour. For snacks, you can’t beat oranges which are fantastic quality at the moment. Imperial mandarins are st..
Brisbane Market Report 115
With better-than-expected growing conditions late in the Queensland season, local vegies are flooding the Brisbane Produce Market this week. This can only mean one thing for customers: great quality and even better prices. Queensland-grown Hass avocados have well and truly arrived from central and south-east Queensland. As is usually the case at this time of year, all varieties of apples are fantastic value and eating. In citrus, we’ve got plenty of new season navel oranges, lemons, and limes, although prices of limes will increase coming into winter. Now’s the time to..
Brisbane Market Report 114
As the weather cools, we’re seeing an increasing demand for root vegetables such as sweet potatoes and pumpkins, and wintery fruits including pears and apples (crumble, anyone?). All apples are fantastic eating at the moment, but Jazz apples from Batlow are the pick of the bunch. Also look out for a new premium variety known as Bravo: they have a distinctive deep burgundy colour and were created from the same plant breeder who created the Pink Lady. We have excellent supplies of bananas from North Queensland, as well as the larger September Candy plums and Corella, Packham, an..
Brisbane Market Report 113
The change of growing seasons means we’re seeing less produce from down south and more Queensland-grown fruit and vegetables in the Brisbane Produce Market this week. Queensland citrus fruit is leading the charge, with our local lemons, limes, oranges, and mandarins all offering great buying. Can’t go past the classic Hass? Avo aficionados will be happy to hear that Hass avocados are back in supply — an earlier appearance than usual. Other local in-season fruits include pineapples, persimmons, rockmelons, bananas (both Cavendish and Lady Finger), and Pink Lady ap..
Brisbane Market Report 112
We’re experiencing cooler Autumn weather and mostly clear conditions this week, so the Brisbane Produce Market is heaving with produce that’s fantastic quality and value. Citrus fruits are a stand-out, with lemons, limes, and Imperial mandarins all in good supply, along with the Queensland-grown Navel oranges that have just started to appear. You’ll also find great buying in avocados, bananas, quince, pomegranate, rhubarb, Toowoomba-grown silverbeet, and Terry Sweet Persimmons. You’ll notice all the apple varieties vying for your attention on the shelves; R..
Brisbane Market Report 111
As school holidays draw to a close, we’re restocking the fridge with lunchbox-friendly fruit this week. All the favourites are here: Imperial mandarins, plums, late-season strawberries, grapes (for one more month), and many apple varieties. While you might have noticed that bananas have firmed in price, supplies are still good although some fruit is discoloured. Got a melon fan? We have South Australia- and Chinchilla-grown honeydew, as well as plenty of local rock melon and watermelon. Victorian kiwifruit is beginning to make an appearance, and watch out for oranges which w..
Brisbane Market Report 110
Top quality fruit and salad vegetables are streaming into the Brisbane Produce Market this week — a welcome sight after the overindulgence of the past week! As the country that put avo toast on the map, Australia must be one of the only places where avocado prices are a topic of national conversation. The good news is that prices of Shepard avocados are continuing to decrease, so now’s a great time to experiment with your favourite smashed avo recipes. There’s a wide range of fruit in good supply this week: figs, grapes, Queensland-grown lemons, limes, plums, and na..
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