Brisbane Market Report 200
Brisbane Produce Report – 14 February   February 14, 2020   strump It’s not too late to pick up some cherries to celebrate Valentine’s Day, as the season nears its end. Strawberries from Victoria would also make a great Valentine’s Day snack to serve up, even though the supply is a little tight due to the heat. White seedless, black sapphire or crimson red grapes are also all good quality and good eating this week. There is a good supply of blueberries from Tumbarumba as well as good quality nectarines and peaches from Victoria. ..
Brisbane Market Report 199
Brisbane Produce Report – 7 February   February 7, 2020   lleeson The sudden rain and excess heat aren’t necessarily bad news for fruit and vegetable lovers as there’s still a great selection of fresh produce this week from the Brisbane Produce Market. Kensington Pride mangoes from Mareeba as well as R2E2 mangoes continue to be plentiful, with yellow peaches, blood plums, nectarines and apricots all still in good supply. One of our favourite fruits is the hybrid pineapple from Maryborough – it’s super sweet and low in acid..
Brisbane Market Report 198
Brisbane Produce Report – 31 January   January 31, 2020   strump Parents all over Queensland are rejoicing as the kids returned to school this week. The task of preparing kids’ lunch boxes may not be quite as joyful, however the Brisbane Produce Market has you covered with a huge supply of snackable fruit and vegetables are perfect for busy kids. Lunch box-friendly lady finger bananas an obvious choice. Their small size makes them ideal for lunchboxes, and as they don’t go brown when cut, they work well in fruit salads as an after-school ..
Brisbane Market Report 197
Brisbane Produce Report – 24 January   January 23, 2020   strump Enjoy the long weekend with a great selection of Aussie fruit and vegetables from the Brisbane Produce Market. A good supply of Kensington Pride, Honeygold, Brooks and Kent mangoes, Tasmanian cherries and Queensland figs would all make mouth-watering toppings for your Australia Day pavlova.  Apples, Paradise and Packham pears and red and green seedless grapes add a refreshing element to barbeque cheese and grazing platters. If you’re looking for berries you may need to search..
Brisbane Market Report 196
Brisbane Produce Report – 17 January   January 17, 2020   strump As the long, hot days of summer continue so does the great choice of produce at the Brisbane Produce Market. Stone fruit continue to be in great supply, particularly apricots, nectarines and peaches (both white and yellow varieties), all from Victoria. There is also a great choice of plums including sugar plums and black plums. Small paradise pears, great for snacking, are now available, as are other great lunchbox snack ideas such as cucumbers, carrots, capsicum, celery and a range of ..
Brisbane Market Report 195
Brisbane Produce Report – 10 January   January 10, 2020   strump It is shaping up to be a fine Queensland summer with all summer fruit at its best for both quality and taste. It wouldn’t be a Queensland summer without juicy peaches, nectarines, cherries, apricots and mangoes, all currently in great supply and eating at their very best. Choose peaches that are firm but have some ‘give’ when you gently squeeze them. When choosing apricots, pick ones that are firm but not hard. Avoid fruit that looks bruised or is overly soft and go fo..
Brisbane Market Report 194
Brisbane Produce Report – 3 January   January 2, 2020   strump It’s a new year and a new start so stock up on some healthy fruit and vegetables from the Brisbane Produce Market after all that Christmas pudding and pavlova. Summer fruits are at their peak for both quality and taste.  Stone fruit is simply superb this week, with good supplies of juicy peaches, plums, nectarines, and apricots. A wide range of berries are available this week with Victorian strawberries, and blueberries and raspberries from northern New South Wales all good ..
Brisbane Market Report 193
Brisbane Produce Report – 27 December   December 26, 2019   strump Brisbane Produce Market is a salad bowl of goodness this week with fantastic supplies of both Continental and Lebanese cucumbers, a wide range of mushroom varieties, capsicums and plenty of truss and gourmet tomatoes. Truss tomatoes are sold as three or more tomatoes still attached to the vine, or truss. They are picked when ripe to retain flavour and aroma. With the large range and variety of tomatoes on offer this week now is a good time to impress your New Year’s guests with ..
Brisbane Market Report 192
Brisbane Produce Report – 13 December   December 12, 2019   strump Summer fruit remains bountiful this week with stone fruit, grapes, mangoes and pineapple all in good supply. Limes, lychees and passionfruit are all also in good supply and ideal for summer fruit salads and cocktails. One of our favourites is the Panama passionfruit, which is especially sweet now. Both Kensington Pride and R2E2 mangoes from Bowen, Mareeba and Dimbulah are good quality eating and in great supply this week, as are Reed and Hass varieties of avocadoes coming from loca..
Brisbane Market Report 191
An abundance of tropical fruit heralds the official start of summer this week at the Brisbane Produce Market. Bananas, pawpaw and mangoes are all in good supply from North Queensland as well as Hass avocadoes from Western Australia. Rockmelon from Bundaberg is in good supply and watermelon from North Queensland is eating well. Highlights of this week include cucumber and fresh herbs, with bright yellow pineapples from Mareeba. A great way to enjoy pineapples this summer is to grill them on the barbeque until they caramelise. Both Lebanese and continental cucumbers are in abundance. F..
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