Brisbane Market Report 190
Hot weather is taking a toll on fruit and vegetable supplies, but there is still plenty of excellent quality produce to add to your shopping list this week. Stone fruit and berries are eating well, with strawberries, blueberries and both yellow and white nectarines the stand-outs. Peach supplies are increasing but we’re still waiting for the plum season to kick into gear. A festive favourite, cherries from Young in central NSW are starting to make an appearance. In mangoes, R2E2 are abundant and good quality at the moment; supplies of mangoes are gradually increasing with stock..
Brisbane Market Report 189
Locally grown fruit leads the way this week with excellent quality rockmelons and watermelons from Far North Queensland providing top value. Queensland-grown pineapples, bananas, red papaya and limes are also great buys.   White and yellow peaches and nectarine are gradually increasing in volume as supplies arrive from growing regions across Queensland, Victoria and South Australia. Value will only continue to improve in coming weeks. Plum varieties like Blood and Black Diamond are also starting to make an appearance. Pears and blueberries continue their strong run, while str..
Brisbane Market Report 188
Stone fruits and salad lines are offering excellent variety this week, with stone fruit and mangoes the standouts.   Nectarines, peaches, and R2E2 mangoes are worth trying if you haven’t already this season – large and round in size, R2E2s have a sweet, mild flavour. Ripe mangoes will have a sweet fragrance and will yield slightly to the touch. Raspberries, blueberries and Victorian-grown strawberries are all well-supplied. Other great buys include limes, rockmelon, watermelon and Pink Lady apples. Lychee and cherry season is kicking off, and we’re also seei..
Brisbane Market Report 187
Mangoes and stone fruit have begun to arrive in abundant volumes, so if you haven’t yet tried these summer beauties, now’s the time to add them to your basket.   The quality of the nectarines and peaches is impressive and prices will continue to go down as supplies increase. Mangoes are fantastic value this week with great supplies from the Northern Territory and Queensland. Also look out for Black Diamond plums, yellow peaches, Snow Angel white peaches and apricots. Tropical fruits are another stand-out with lychees, limes, dragonfruit, pawpaw, passionfruit, pine..
Brisbane Market Report 186
There are plenty of great fruit buys in the market this week, including the excellent quality mangoes arriving from Darwin. Nashi, rockmelon, watermelon, blueberries, Packham pears, Hass avocados and pawpaw are all in great supply, as are most varieties of apples except Pink Lady. The Queensland strawberry season has nearly finished but new supplies are arriving from Victoria. Raspberries are experiencing a resurgence after a few quieter weeks, with supplies from the Toowoomba region eating beautifully. Look for sweet-smelling fruit and store the unwashed berries in a covered, shallow c..
Brisbane Market Report 185
The lusciously sweet perfume of mangoes is bringing summer to our shelves this week, with the Queensland mango season starting in earnest.   This tropical aroma is the best way to determine whether a mango is ripe, but also look for firm fruit that gives slightly to the touch. We’re spoilt for choice at the moment with our fruit offerings – strawberries, blueberries, yellow and red pawpaw, pineapples, red and green apples, avocado, watermelons and pears are all in good supply. The season for stone fruit like apricots, nectarine and peaches is kicking off; yellow p..
Brisbane Market Report 184
We can’t get enough of the fragrant fruit on the shelves this week including nectarines, peaches and mangoes. Kensington Pride mangoes from the Northern Territory are at their peak, while the R2E2 variety is also starting to make an appearance. Love Thai food? Look out for the Nam Dok Mai green mango for classic Thai salads. Even though it’s early days for nectarines and peaches, the quality of locally grown fruit is good and prices will come down as the season progresses. Apples, avocados, pawpaws and all varieties of pears are well supplied. Both blueberries and raspber..
Brisbane Market Report 183
Warmer days, cooler nights and the arrival of mangoes at the Brisbane Produce Market are all sure signs that summer is on its way. Best buys in fruit include avocados, apples, yellow and red pawpaw, and many varieties of pear: Packham, Josephine, Beurre Bosc, and Corella from Victoria. Peaches are making their first appearance: Donut variety grown in Gatton and Yellow variety from Childers, these are at the very start of their season and are already well priced. Berries, stone fruit, melons, pineapples are all bringing colour, value, and flavour to the Brisbane Produce Market this we..
Brisbane Market Report 182
As school holidays draw to an end, we again set our minds to lunch boxes and snack-sized spring fruit and vegetables. Supplies of blueberries continue to impress providing a good value whereas strawberry season is now shifting to Victoria as the Queensland season is just about to finish. Raspberries supplies are moderate. For a more filling snack for small tummies, mix berries with yoghurt and sprinkle with toasted muesli. As local navels begin to phase out, look for the super sweet Valencia variety from northern New South Wales. Sliced pineapple, rockmelon, and the red and yellow pa..
Brisbane Market Report 181
Spring has truly sprung and so has the Brisbane Produce Market with plentiful produce. As we are in between seasons, disappearing from our shelves are fruits like Cavendish bananas and mandarins but we are starting to see some excellent quality pineapple and watermelon. In luscious fruits, it’s raining strawberries and blueberries – packed with flavour they are of great value this season. While raspberries from Caboolture are calling out for cakes and pies, Mareeba grown limes are our sweet indulgence for tarts. Top fruity picks include red and yellow papaya, blood ora..
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