Brisbane Market Report 270
Brisbane Produce Report – 16 July   July 15, 2021  strump From Sunshine Coast strawberries to Bundaberg-grown pumpkins, Queensland’s fresh, local fruit and veggies continue to shine at the Brisbane Produce Market this week. Starting with fruit – lunchbox friendly options like strawberries, bananas, mandarins and Packham pears are plentiful, while kiwifruit and avocados are also in good supply and make delicious breakfast options – think kiwifruit and Nutella crepes for something sweet, or baked eggs in avocado for a little savoury. Ap..
Brisbane Market Report 269
Brisbane Produce Report – 9 July   July 8, 2021  strump With stable winter growing conditions, the vegetable season is in full swing, and this means fantastic quality all round at the Brisbane Produce Market. In veggies, most winter favourites are in excellent supply, such as sweet potatoes and pumpkins from Bundaberg, broccoli from Lowood, onions and bok choy from Gatton, and Victorian fennel and leeks. We’re heading into peak baby broccoli season, with supply arriving from Stanthorpe and Victoria. Look for a fresh base, firm stems, no flowers, ..
Brisbane Market Report 268
risbane Produce Report – 2 July   July 1, 2021  strump Many of us are turning to the kitchen as restrictions cloud over school holidays; and why not, as cooking is a fantastic way to entertain kids at home – and pass on some essential life skills. The great news is that the Brisbane Produce Market is filled with lots of local fresh fruit and vegetables for you to choose from. Keep the little hands busy by giving them a child-safe knife to cut some fruit up for a healthy fruit salad. Your options are well-supplied topless pineapples from the Sunshine..
Brisbane Market Report 267
Brisbane Produce Report – 25 June   June 24, 2021  strump We’re spoilt for choice with substantial supplies of fresh fruit and vegetables at the Brisbane Produce Market this week. Now is the time to take advantage of the beautiful winter produce and try new recipes. In fruit, luscious strawberries from Wamuran remain a fantastic buy along with sweet-eating pineapples from the Sunshine Coast. Combine them with a little sugar and lemon juice to make a delicious fruit salsa. Succulent rockmelons and excellent quality pawpaw from Far North Queensland..
Brisbane Market Report 266
Brisbane Produce Report – 18 June   June 18, 2021  lleeson The struggle of winter is real! The cold snaps we had over the last week had us reaching for comfort foods, and we’re lucky we have such a great variety of fresh produce arriving at Brisbane Produce Market to create some delicious home-cooked meals and stay warm while standing over the stove or in front of the oven. Let’s start with dessert, because the berries are just getting better and better! Raspberries from Caboolture are in full swing and blueberries are increasing in supply fro..
Brisbane Market Report 265
Brisbane Produce Report – 11 June   June 10, 2021  lleeson The fresh fruit and veg is as crispy as the weather’s been this week at the Brisbane Produce Market. The carrots and capsicums are particularly satisfying to bite into fresh, but of course they also make delicious home-cooked winter meals. You know what else is crispy? Apples and pears. Most pear varieties such as Packham, Corella and Bosc are widely available; and so are Fuji, Royal Gala and Granny Smith apples. Try a Waldorf salad with apple, celery, walnuts, and grapes with a little mayo ..
Brisbane Market Report 264
risbane Produce Report – 4 June   June 3, 2021  strump Queensland-grown produce reigns at the Brisbane Produce Market this week, with the cooler weather seeing more supplies of fruit and vegetables coming in from local regions. Good news for strawberry lovers – the winter crop from the Sunshine Coast is luscious and in good supply; eat them fresh or dip them in some dark chocolate to add a touch of decadence. You don’t have to wait for dessert to indulge! Your best bet for smoothies this week is hass avocados from North Queensland, pineappl..
Brisbane Market Report 263
Brisbane Produce Report – 28 May   May 28, 2021  lleeson It smells great at the Brisbane Produce Market this week, with citrus fruits in abundance and a large variety of hearty winter vegetables available – put on your apron and start experimenting! There’s good news for those of us who like a smooth spread of avo on toast – the Hass is back! Coming in from Far North Queensland, the Hass is available in small and large… and extra large! Remember, you don’t have to squeeze the whole fruit to check if it’s ripe – j..
Brisbane Market Report 262
Brisbane Produce Report – 21 May   May 21, 2021  strump It’s like a changing of the guard right now, with warm weather produce at the end of its season, and the winter ones picking up. And just like us consumers, the cooler temperatures and recent rains have fresh produce hiding inside over the last few weeks, with inclement weather impacting supply. Some of our favourite vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, and corn are in light supply – the Victorian corn, snow pea and sugar snap season has slowed down, with our supplies now coming from Bu..
Brisbane Market Report 261
Brisbane Produce Report – 14 May   May 14, 2021  strump Queensland fresh produce is front and centre at the Brisbane Produce Market this week, and as winter continues its approach it’s time to start thinking about switching from salads to warming winter comfort foods. It’s currently peak time for packham and corella pears, which are perfect for winter desserts like poached pears in red wine or tarte tatin. You can’t go past a classic apple pie; crisp and freshly harvested apples are bountiful right now, and Australia has over 10 popul..
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