Brisbane Market Report 153
While we’re still waiting for cooler Autumn temperatures to arrive, many fruit and vegetable lines are in recovery mode after the extreme weather of the past few weeks. In apples, new season Granny Smiths from Victoria have arrived, along with Red Delicious apples from Stanthorpe. Autumn also heralds peak pear season and both William pears and Nashi pears are eating well. All varieties of grapes are a fantastic buy this week with supplies are streaming in from Victoria and Stanthorpe. We’re still seeing solid supplies of stone fruits such as peaches and nectarines. They&r..
Brisbane Market Report 152
While far north Queensland continues to mop after the floods, other regions of Queensland, like Stanthorpe, have been experiencing water shortages. Combine this with hot conditions in the southern states and the result is shorter supplies and higher prices for many vegetable lines. In fruit, Royal Gala apples are in peak season and eating beautifully. Expect the arrival of Pink Lady and Red Delicious varieties in the next couple of weeks. Also at their best from now until April are figs, with large supplies arriving from Stanthorpe and the Lockyer Valley. There are still plenty of plums..
Brisbane Market Report 151
As Queensland farmers contend with extreme heat and cyclones, we’re seeing flow-on effects at the Brisbane Produce Market particularly when it comes to vegetable lines this week. Fruit supplies are faring a little better, with plenty of great buys including excellent quality watermelons, super sweet hybrid pineapples, and new season Gala apples and William pears. The season for Thompson grapes is just getting started and both green and red varieties are well priced. You’ll notice Shepard avocados taking over from Hass on the shelves as the season in Mareeba and the Northe..
Brisbane Market Report 150
It has been another week of hot weather in Queensland and our vegetable lines are continuing to feel it, however quality is improving thanks to supplies from the southern states. Menindee grapes and Crimson Red seedless grapes from Victoria are in plentiful supply. We’re also enjoying the super sweet flavour of new season black currants — they’re perfect for cheese platters. Traditional Queensland pineapples are looking great this week. Traditional pineapples still have their crown on and are known for their sweet but slightly acidic flavour. For a fun experiment with t..
Brisbane Market Report 149
Flooding and extreme heat around Queensland is having an impact on fruit and vegetable supplies this week. With limited access in and out of Townsville, some produce including limes, pawpaws, mangoes, and Shepard avocados from Mareeba will be affected. However, you should still be able to get your hands on good quality, well-priced Hass Avocados from Western Australia. One of our favourite fruits is the hybrid pineapple coming out of Maryborough — it’s super sweet and low in acid, so it’s a great one for school lunch boxes or after school snacks and smoothies. Strawberr..
Brisbane Market Report 148
As parents around Queensland celebrate the return to school, lunch box-friendly fruits and veggies are proving popular this week at the Brisbane Produce Market. The compact size and naturally sweet flavour of lady finger bananas make them a top pick for little hands and they’re really well priced at the moment. Plus, these popular bananas don’t go brown when cut, so they work well in fruit salads for kids who like a little variety. Rockmelons and watermelons from Chinchilla are a great buy, and we’re also finding the strawberries from South Australia and Tasmania to be ..
Brisbane Market Report 147
With temperatures soaring across Queensland and most of Australia, we’re looking for light and easy ways to stay cool. This week, we’ve got an abundance of passionfruit which is perfect for your Australia Day pavlovas. Both the panama and sweetheart variety are great in value and quality, and eating especially sweet at the moment. Also plentiful in supply are plump-sized figs from Grantham. For a delicious treat, melt butter and honey in a fry pan and place cut figs side down. Cook until the figs start to caramelise and serve with whipped cream, yoghurt or ice cream on the side...
Brisbane Market Report 146
The start of a new year is bringing a glut of new season produce at Brisbane Produce Market. From Victoria, we’re seeing new season Crystal and Clapp pears, sweet golden peaches and Shepard avocados. We can all continue to enjoy our smashed avocados for longer because unlike Hass avocados, the flesh of a Shepard avocado does not brown as rapidly once cut, and their skin colour remains green and does not change as they ripen. To select a ripe fruit, avoid squeezing the centre of the fruit but gently apply pressure on the stem to see if it yields. Late season Keitt mangoes from Maree..
Brisbane Market Report 145
Blistering hot days and fruit bowls overflowing with peaches, nectarines, cherries and mangoes are what Queensland Summers are made of. Plums are still in abundant supply and good quality eating with many varieties such as Donsworth Blood, Black Amber and Purple Majesty from the Stanthorpe and Ballandean regions. Passionfruit and figs are also in good supply, while we’re seeing excellent quality and value of local blueberries and strawberries from South Australia. Lemons are experiencing short supply, but limes are plentiful. Look out for a few more unusual fruits on the shelves th..
Brisbane Market Report 144
Happy New Year! The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to refocus on your health and wellbeing after the festivities of the Silly Season. They say it only takes 28 days to create a habit, so to help you get started, we have the low down on the best fruit and vegetables available from Brisbane Produce Market. For a quintessential summer experience, nothing beats biting into juicy stone fruit.  Stone fruits are at their best and continue to shine with both yellow and white nectarines and peaches in abundant supply. Rich in vitamins and a great source of dietary fibre, these a..
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