Brisbane Market Report 171
Winter fruits like pears, mandarins, oranges, and Sunshine Coast strawberries offer fantastic value this week at the Brisbane Produce Market. Other great quality buys include limes, avocados, red pawpaws and watermelon. Dreaming of warmer weather? Take your taste buds to the tropics with passionfruit from North Queensland — they’re excellent quality and delicious added to drinks, tarts, cheesecakes, pavlova and sponge cake. Most varieties of apples are well supplied, but green apples aren’t as plentiful this week. Blood oranges and Cara Cara are two citrus varieties..
Brisbane Market Report 170
Fruit is the popular choice at the Brisbane Produce Market this week, with more reliable supplies than many weather-affected vegetables. The local strawberry season is going from strength to strength and there’s some great quality, well-priced fruit available. Raspberries are still eating well, but blueberry prices are inconsistent. North Queensland is bringing some fantastic tropical fruit to market: golden pawpaws from Innisfail and passionfruit are both well supplied. Banana smoothies are back on the menu thanks to the improved supply of bananas, and Hass avocados are delici..
Brisbane Market Report 168
Strawberries are always fantastic quality at this time of year and raspberries are plentiful. Fresh pomegranates are arriving from New South Wales — sprinkle the seeds over rice pilafs, warm salads, grilled halloumi, and Middle Eastern stews and tagines. Hass avocados are having a bumper season and we’ve been impressed with their quality and flavour. Packham pears, golden yellow papayas and most apples varieties are eating well. Imperial and Honey Murcott mandarins, medium-sized navels and lemons are all good quality now — eat them as snacks or use their zest and ju..
Brisbane Market Report 167
The recent burst of cold weather and frost in some parts of the state means that all the cool weather crops are great eating, despite the lower volume in some Queensland produce lines this week. Strawberries are a good news story as their supply from the Sunshine Coast increases. Raspberries are plentiful, but blueberries are still in short supply. Most apple varieties are well supplied with the Pink Lady variety premium eating. Hass avocados, papaya and Packham pears are also well supplied. Citrus are another stand-out, with navel oranges, lemons and Honey Murcott mandarins all eati..
Brisbane Market Report 166
In fruit, Queensland navel oranges are going from strength to strength as the season progresses. Red papaya is in season and eating well — look for firm fruit with vibrant red flesh. Packham pears, lemons, mandarins, Hass avocados and pineapples are all well supplied, while strawberries and raspberries from the Sunshine Coast are the best of the berries. Expect rockmelons and nashi pear prices to improve as supplies increase. There are moderate supplies of watermelon. Look out for feijoas. This exotic fruit has a flavour that has been likened to pineapples, guavas and kiwifruit..
Brisbane Market Report 165
Queensland-grown produce is plentiful with lunchbox options like bananas (including Lady Fingers), oranges, Packham pears, and raspberries. Sunshine Coast pineapples are of excellent quality – just right for dreamy coconut hummingbird cake. Hass avocados from north Queensland are plentiful — look for firm, dark green coloured fruit if you don’t need to eat them right away. All varieties of apples are widely available, as are Imperial mandarins and watermelon. Citrus like lemons and limes are top quality and can last a long time in the fridge. Strawberry and blueberr..
Brisbane Market Report 164
Moderate weather conditions over the past week have seen good supplies of most fruit and vegetables at the Brisbane Produce Market. Hass avocados from north Queensland are at the peak of their season, while Innisfail-grown bananas are plentiful. Queensland-grown navel oranges are at their best, they’re seedless, sweet and juicy. Other citrus fruits like lemons and limes are both well supplied. All varieties of apple are eating well, but the sweet and crunchy Pink Lady is eating beautifully presently. Sunshine Coast-grown pineapple is another favourite; for a winter dessert, try..
Brisbane Market Report 163
The winter produce season is well underway with excellent supplies of most fruits and vegetables. Citrus are one of the top performers with lemons, limes and mandarins all great buying. Navel oranges are arriving from South Australia — store in the fruit bowl for up to two weeks or extend their life in the fridge. All apple varieties continue to be widely available, while Hass avocados, passionfruit, pineapple, watermelon, star fruit and raspberries are all in good supply. Sunshine Coast strawberries are starting to appear on our shelves and volumes will increase over the comin..
Brisbane Market Report 162
The cooler weather has finally arrived in Queensland and seasonal winter produce is flooding Brisbane Produce Market this week. There is nothing better this time of year than hearty roasted veggies like carrots, sweet potatoes, garlic, onions, capsicums, eggplants and Brussels sprouts. They are all available in great supply and have made it to the long list of fantastic buys this week. Cover them generously with olive oil and a hint of lemon or lime juice for an intensifying flavour. Excellent supplies of vegetables include cabbage, cauliflower, corn, mushrooms, snow peas, okra and t..
Brisbane Market Report 161
Some favourite fruits this week include great value pears, nashis, raspberries, apples, mandarins, oranges and limes. Custard apples continue their good run in terms of quality and volume. We’ve got medium supplies of bananas and prices are holding, along with watermelon and pineapple. The season is almost over for plums and grapes — red seedless are the pick of the bunch this week. The Shepard avocado season is now finished and we’re seeing plenty of Hass arriving from various Queensland regions. Buy in advance of use as they can take up to four days to fully ripen at roo..
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