Brisbane Market Report 143
There’s never been a better week for green salads with fantastic supplies of iceberg and cos lettuce fresh from the Toowoomba region. Mushrooms have caught our eye this week, with good supplies of quality button and swiss brown mushrooms from Woodford. Tropical fruits from Northern Queensland – mangoes, pawpaws, limes and lychees make for a quintessential summer experience. Stonefruits are well into their season with an abundant supply of quality fruit at reasonable prices. Cherries are also plentiful. Enjoy them while they last though, as the Australian Cherry season only..
Brisbane Market Report 142
With Christmas only days away, desserts are set to be one of the highlights of the festive table thanks to the fantastic range and quality of fruit at the Brisbane Produce Market. Cherries are having a brilliant season with supplies now streaming in from New South Wales; look for brightly coloured, glossy fruit with green stems still attached. While a bowl of cherries is a simple pleasure on its own, they make a stunning addition to Christmas trifles, tarts, or a wicked chocolate pavlova. Make the most of this summer favourite before the season runs out in February. We have an abundance ..
Brisbane Market Report 141
The bounty of summer fruit continues this week with stonefruit, grapes, figs, mangoes and cherries all abundant. Limes, lychees, pawpaw, pineapple, and passionfruit – all from north Queensland – are well supplied and crying out for fruit salads or cocktails. One of our favourites is the Panama variety of passionfruit, which is especially sweet at the moment. Pineapple prices will depend on size, while lime prices should continue to drop as supplies increase. Kensington Pride and R2E2 mangoes from Bowen and Mareeba are great eating, as are Reed and Hass avocados from Mount Tam..
Brisbane Market Report 140
An abundance of tropical fruit heralds the official start of summer this week at the Brisbane Produce Market. North Queensland is producing many of our favourites including lychees, mangoes, and bananas. Pineapples from Mareeba are cheap and eating well — look out for the bright yellow hybrid variety which is low in acid and very sweet. There’s plenty of value in stonefruits as they approach the peak of their season, with prices dependent on size. We recommend yellow peaches from Stanthorpe, white nectarines, as well as the many varieties of plums. Apricots are a littl..
Brisbane Market Report 139
Extreme temperatures around the state have taken their toll on vegetables this week, but thankfully our summer fruits are going from strength-to-strength. Stonefruits are now well into their season with good quality fruit and reasonable prices. The apricots arriving from Victoria, South Australia, and Stanthorpe have a wonderful flavour and are plentiful. Locally grown plums — including varieties like Red Beaut and Early Queen — are in good supply, as are nectarines and peaches (look out for the larger-sized varieties over the coming weeks). New season Australian grapes a..
Brisbane Market Report 138
As Queensland’s growing regions heat up, we’re seeing more Victorian produce arrive into the Brisbane Produce Market this week including apricots, strawberries, Valencia oranges, and cherries. Cherries are at the start of their season, so prices will come down over the next few weeks as Tasmanian supplies arrive. New season blackberries are also in stock, and blueberries are still plentiful though quality is mixed. The best quality buys this week include mangoes, bananas, rockmelon and watermelon. In stone fruit, we have abundant supplies of nectarines and peaches, and in..
Brisbane Market Report 137
Blistering hot days, afternoon storms, and shelves overflowing with nectarines, peaches, cherries, and mangoes: all signs that summer has arrived at the Brisbane Produce Market. We’re seeing high quality, well-priced fruits arriving from multiple regions, including Victorian cherries and pears, great value mangoes, Hass avocados, as well as local pawpaw, passionfruit, lychees, dragonfruit, rockmelon, and watermelon. In stone fruit, look for Black Diamond plums from Kumbia in Queensland, nectarines from New South Wales and Victoria, yellow peaches from Queensland, and Victorian-..
Brisbane Market Report 136
The stone fruit season has begun in earnest, but local blueberries are undoubtedly the star of the Brisbane Produce Market this week with abundant supplies streaming in. If you find yourself with an oversupply, add them to muffins and cakes (our favourite is a blueberry lemon yoghurt cake) before freezing. Nectarines, peaches, and plums are all great buying, and Toowoomba-grown raspberries and strawberries from Victoria are beginning to arrive. We’ve got plenty of Hass avocados, the first lychees of the season, as well as pears, pawpaw and fantastic rockmelon from up north. ..
Brisbane Market Report 135
Lychees are making news with the first trays of the season arriving and two trays went under the hammer to raise money for the MND & Me Foundation. More than $11,000 was raised thanks to the winning bid from Mark Clarke of Favco, which was matched by wholesalers, Debbie and John Trimboli, of Romeo’s Marketing (Qld). We all love to eat lychees just as they ar. However, there are so many other dishes that can be made with lychees such as lychee slushies, adding them to salads, using them in curries and accompanying chicken and fish dishes. Berries, stone fruit, melons, man..
Brisbane Market Report 134
Storms and wet weather across much of the Australian East Coast have impacted on supplies of many fruits and vegetables this week. Best buys in fruit include avocados, yellow and red pawpaw, and many varieties of pear: Packham, Josephine, Beurre Bosc, and Corella from Victoria. Just as they were coming into season, the nectarine crop from Kumbia was damaged by hail, so stocks are low and prices are high. However, we encourage you to support local growers and buy nectarines because the quality is still excellent. Lime and passionfruit are both expensive this week. The quality an..
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