Brisbane Market Report 138
As Queensland’s growing regions heat up, we’re seeing more Victorian produce arrive into the Brisbane Produce Market this week including apricots, strawberries, Valencia oranges, and cherries. Cherries are at the start of their season, so prices will come down over the next few weeks as Tasmanian supplies arrive. New season blackberries are also in stock, and blueberries are still plentiful though quality is mixed. The best quality buys this week include mangoes, bananas, rockmelon and watermelon. In stone fruit, we have abundant supplies of nectarines and peaches, and in..
Brisbane Market Report 137
Blistering hot days, afternoon storms, and shelves overflowing with nectarines, peaches, cherries, and mangoes: all signs that summer has arrived at the Brisbane Produce Market. We’re seeing high quality, well-priced fruits arriving from multiple regions, including Victorian cherries and pears, great value mangoes, Hass avocados, as well as local pawpaw, passionfruit, lychees, dragonfruit, rockmelon, and watermelon. In stone fruit, look for Black Diamond plums from Kumbia in Queensland, nectarines from New South Wales and Victoria, yellow peaches from Queensland, and Victorian-..
Brisbane Market Report 136
The stone fruit season has begun in earnest, but local blueberries are undoubtedly the star of the Brisbane Produce Market this week with abundant supplies streaming in. If you find yourself with an oversupply, add them to muffins and cakes (our favourite is a blueberry lemon yoghurt cake) before freezing. Nectarines, peaches, and plums are all great buying, and Toowoomba-grown raspberries and strawberries from Victoria are beginning to arrive. We’ve got plenty of Hass avocados, the first lychees of the season, as well as pears, pawpaw and fantastic rockmelon from up north. ..
Brisbane Market Report 135
Lychees are making news with the first trays of the season arriving and two trays went under the hammer to raise money for the MND & Me Foundation. More than $11,000 was raised thanks to the winning bid from Mark Clarke of Favco, which was matched by wholesalers, Debbie and John Trimboli, of Romeo’s Marketing (Qld). We all love to eat lychees just as they ar. However, there are so many other dishes that can be made with lychees such as lychee slushies, adding them to salads, using them in curries and accompanying chicken and fish dishes. Berries, stone fruit, melons, man..
Brisbane Market Report 134
Storms and wet weather across much of the Australian East Coast have impacted on supplies of many fruits and vegetables this week. Best buys in fruit include avocados, yellow and red pawpaw, and many varieties of pear: Packham, Josephine, Beurre Bosc, and Corella from Victoria. Just as they were coming into season, the nectarine crop from Kumbia was damaged by hail, so stocks are low and prices are high. However, we encourage you to support local growers and buy nectarines because the quality is still excellent. Lime and passionfruit are both expensive this week. The quality an..
Brisbane Market Report 133
Stormy weather, warmer temperatures, and the arrival of stonefruit at the Brisbane Produce Market are all sure signs that summer is on its way. Yellow and white nectarines are making their first appearance: grown in Kumbia in the South Burnett region, these nectarines are at the start of their season and are already well priced. Expect prices to rise however, as a result of the recent hail storms which has caused damage to some crops. We’re also seeing good quality yellow and white peaches coming from local growers around Childers and Gatton. Other best buys this week includ..
Brisbane Market Report 132
It’s been a week of dry warm days and cold nights for our local growers, so we’re seeing good supplies across most produce lines. Top fruit buys include blueberries, pineapple, watermelon, and both red and yellow pawpaws. Mangoes and new-season nectarines are beginning to appear: look for R2E2 and Kensington Pride mangoes from the Northern Territory ahead of the Queensland season starting next month. Donut peaches from Gatton and yellow peaches from Childers and northern NSW are a sure sign that summer is on its way. Supplies of Mareeba-grown limes and Granny Smith apples..
Brisbane Market Report 131
Warmer spring days are bringing a surge of fruits and vegetables to the Brisbane Produce Market this week.  We’re well supplied with excellent quality pineapple, watermelon, and rockmelons, along with locally grown limes, passionfruit and pawpaw. The Queensland season for oranges, lemons, and mandarins has finished, but produce for the southern states is keeping these fruits in stock. We’re seeing increasing quantities of blueberries from New South Wales, so expect them to become more affordable. Also keep an eye out for that childhood favourite, mulberries, which have star..
Brisbane Market Report 130
Recent rain and warmer temperatures are affecting supplies at the Brisbane Produce Market, as spring brings a change in growing regions. Stock up on citrus fruits this week, including Queensland-grown seedless lemons, limes, Victorian-grown grapefruit and easy-peel Navels, and tangelos from Loxton in South Australia. Swap tangelos into your favourite citrus recipes likes marmalade, delicious puddings, tarts, and cakes. Bananas still have their duller winter skin, but are sweeter eating, with Lady Fingers from NSW and Queensland especially popular.  Queensland-grown pineapples and Vi..
Brisbane Market Report 129
Queensland produce takes centre stage as spring hits the Brisbane Produce Market this week, with North Queensland entering its peak production period and the Lockyer Valley continuing its bumper season of vegies. We’re seeing strong supplies of passionfruit, pineapple, navel oranges, and North Queensland-grown papaya, honeydew and rockmelon. You may be surprised to spot peaches back on the shelves — they’re the yellow-flesh variety coming out of Childers in central Queensland. Strawberries from the Sunshine Coast continue to be a star performer, although supplies ar..
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