Brisbane Market Report 191

Brisbane Market Report 191

An abundance of tropical fruit heralds the official start of summer this week at the Brisbane Produce Market. Bananas, pawpaw and mangoes are all in good supply from North Queensland as well as Hass avocadoes from Western Australia.

Rockmelon from Bundaberg is in good supply and watermelon from North Queensland is eating well.

Highlights of this week include cucumber and fresh herbs, with bright yellow pineapples from Mareeba. A great way to enjoy pineapples this summer is to grill them on the barbeque until they caramelise. Both Lebanese and continental cucumbers are in abundance. For a refreshing summer salad simply add watermelon, cucumber and fetta together and drizzle with balsamic vinegar and lemon juice. Looking to add flavour to your meals? Add fresh herbs – mint, dill, rosemary and thyme are all in great supply.

Stonefruit is coming into peak season and in abundant supply. Peaches and apricots from Victoria and nectarines from Queensland are all plentiful. Prices will vary depending on size. Plums from South Australia and Queensland are available and be sure to look out for the Candy Gem variety from Thorndale.

Blueberries are in good supply this week, as well as strawberries from Stanthorpe. Raspberries, passionfruit and capsicum are all in short supply, as well as cauliflower due to the warm weather. Asparagus and oranges are nearing the end of their season and beans are priced at a premium.

Asian vegies, including wombok and Brussel sprouts, are good quality as well as purple cabbage.

Rocket, spinach and kale are all good quality and there is a good supply of leeks, with both brown and white onions as well as a good supply of garlic available.

Limes from Dimbulah are in good supply and Packham pears are the pick of the lot so stock up on this delicious fruit.

This week’s top pick is Australian cherries, which are in season for only 100 days. Select plump fruit with smooth, shiny skin and the green stem still attached. Cherries like cool temperatures, so store them in an airtight bag or container in the fridge for a few days – once picked from the tree, cherries do not ripen. Wash them just before serving. Packed with vitamin C and antioxidants, and with a festive deep ruby colour, cherries are stunning on their own or used in desserts, salads and pickles, or accompanying savoury dishes like Christmas ham or duck. A great way to beat the heat during summer is to enjoy cherries in a delicious Cherry Pie Ice Cream.

You can buy the best of what the season has to offer at your nearest ‘Your Local Fruit Shop’. Locate your closest store at www.abetterchoice.com.au/store-locator/ Check out the Your Local Fruit Shop Facebook page for the latest news from your local fresh produce experts at https://www.facebook.com/yourlocalfruitshop.

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